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  • AUTO

    BGGTS Proposed AGP parts with 32 K combustion parts offering guranteed performance improvements for 9E Gas Turbine, which was due for second major inspection in October 2015 MI with AGP was carried out in February - March 2016. BGGTS team executed the work meticuously with demonstrated power outputs. This has resulted into fuel savings of around INR 10 Crore per year. PPCL is quite satisfied for over-acheiving the guaranteed performance parameters. We feel it is advantageous to carry out MI with AGP.

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    We have installed AGP spare parts for Gas Turbine 112 MW Frame 9E during March 2014.This initiative is first of its kind in India. We got very good support from BGGTS. We have been associated with BGGTS from 1998 onwards. AGP spare parts are working very effectively and satisfactorily. As expected there is increase in output, decrease in fuel consumption and increased station availability. Excellent cooperation from BGGTS. We are very much thankful to BGGTS !

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    ONGC Uran and other ONGC plants are major users of Gas Turbines. We have always received expert services from BGGTS for our Gas Turbines. BGGTS is really excellent in providing Refurbishment services as they have full-fledged facilities in Hyderabad. All the best to BGGTS on behalf of ONGC.

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    BGGTS has been always supporting us for our operations for the last 8 years. BGGTS team were very skillful, and they knew what they were doing. BGGTS introduced combustion inspection parts, which is now reducing our downtime, and increased availability. Our R&D work along with BGGTS has brought us to a level where we can present our papers in forums and earn recognitions to our company and Sri Lanka.

  • AUTO

    Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited  Managing Directer Mr. K. Arvind Kumar addessing BGGTS

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