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Inspection and Maintanence Services


BGGTS understands the value of time of its customers. Planning, Pre-outage Inspections and Maintenance services ensure that an outage is executed in the most efficient way and in the shortest possible time frame.

BGGTS brings together a team of experts who know your GT’s in and out. A team of expert technicians, engineers and service advisors would inspect your site, make evaluations and recommendations to enhance your plant operation.

BGGTS starts its outage planning and analysis up to one year before an outage falls due. BGGTS follows a well-defined services process which would ensure that all appropriate parts, resources dependencies are fulfilled and the services team arrives equipped to handle an outage.

In-Service Inspection

BGGTS offers inspection and maintenance services customized to suit every need of customer. BGGTS’s Technical Advisors are trained and experienced in our core business of servicing GE technology heavy-duty gas turbines. We draw the expertise of GE for gas turbines and BHEL for Generators. Our site services include:

  • Turnkey gas turbine inspection services such as Combustion Inspection, Borescope Inspection, Hot-Gas Path Inspection and Major Inspection
  • Multi-Year Maintenance Management Program (MMPs)
  • Renovation and Modifications (R&M)
  • Routine appraisal visits to establish unit condition and performance trends
  • Outage and parts planning
  • Speedtronic Controls Expertise
  • Plant relocations
  • Control system retrofits
  • Generator Overhauls and maintenance (in association with BHEL/GEPSIL)

BGGTS maintains a comprehensive range of test equipment for gas turbine inspections like high quality digital imaging, Fibrescope Inspection, Digital cameras, Thermography, Vibration analyzer and Field balancing equipment and NDT test equipment.

The dedicated services team is committed to provide the customer with all the solutions. Considerable effort is made to reduce the outage time, to improve the performance of the maintenance and extend the life of parts.

Report Out

Detailed reports are submitted to customer after every service event.

Uprates & Fuel Conversion

BGGTS undertakes fuel conversion projects and uprates for your GT’s, to help you derive maximum yield from your GT’s. The uprate options are presented after analyzing your plant operations and identifying the most efficient solution for you

Emergency Outages

BGGTS engineers make it a priority to get to know your plant and your people. They’re also backed by a network of technical & repair experts to respond quickly to unplanned and emergency events.

BGGTS has an impressive EHS record in field services. Every onsite event is meticulously planned, monitored and audited to ensure the safety of people, the plant and the environment