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RM&D Features

BGGTS offers 24x7 Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics services for gas turbines to improve the availability, reliability, operating performance, and drive the best in class maintenance practices gas turbine plants.

Advanced GE smart signal trigger alerts or advisories to notify and support users of anomalies. A wealth of physics-based OEM design knowledge, combined with fleet statistics, drives continuous development of algorithms to increase the probability of early detection

BGGTS provides a multi-purpose  program that include

•Trouble shooting, trip recovery and start-up support

•Fleet Reliability improvement

•Thermal Performance advisory

•Monthly Operations Report & Monthly meetings

•Customer service portal for Customer issue management

Active monitoring, supported by engineering experts of BHEL & GE, can provide early warning of changing operating conditions and prompt on-site actions for issue resolution

System Capabilities:

BGGTS Remote Services include hardware and software which retrieves data from GT control system and makes it available for transmission to BGGTS centralized historian at Hyderabad.

On-Site Monitor (OSM):

At your site, OSM automatically collects and processes data through advanced algorithms—trending against fleet-wide historical data—to determine fleet health, develop prognostics and deliver information to you through several reporting options.

RM&D  infrastructure include

•Central data historian & data validation software

•Automated GE Smart Signal based algorithms/alerts

•Thermal performance models (GT performance monitoring)

•Diagnostic software for Anti Virus

Cyber Security:

Cyber Security is critical in RM&D services. The RM&D platform is configured to provide you with a secure data connection assisting you to meet government and IT regulatory requirements. Highlights of the security program include:

•Data storage within India at BGGTS Hyderabad and cyber security controls in place, accounting for the data flows

•OSM software configured for read-only data collection.

•No files transferred from the OSM to the control system.

•Single  modem configuration on all OSMs allows only one user at a time, preventing unauthorized access.

•Strong IPSEC VPN encryption standards

•3rd Party Rail firewall to provide inbound/outbound access to only predefined set of ports and specific IP Address.

•No data stored outside of India and all automated analytics are hosted in BGGTS network only

•Periodic & timely patch management of all servers with administration

Our Mission: RM&D Operation outcomes

Notification Services:

In the event of an anomaly, a report  is issued to BGGTS support personnel He/She activates discussion on observations of the event, observations, alarms and symptoms. Simultaneously an advisory is issued containing

•A description of the observed fault

•Impact on unit operations

•Applicable data and trends

•Recommended corrective actions

Monthly Operations Assessment Reports and Meetings:

A monthly operations assessment report(OAR) is provided as a regular communication of gas turbine events and observed trends. The Goal of this unit report is to drive systematic  performance and operational improvements for each unit thus improving overall fleet reliability.